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For better stability and performance

The optimal solution (AEC-Q100 qualified) for automotive applications such as In-Vehicle Infotainment, Display Audio, Navigation, Digital Cluster and ADAS.

CoAsia Nexell's Automotive AP products are AEC-Q100 qualified and meet all quality requirements of the automotive market. The automotive family consists of NXP4330Q-A which is based on high-performance quad-core CPU optimized for ADAS, 3D navigation and multi-display infotainment system that require high performance computing power and graphic performance, and NXP3220A for price sensitive systems such as Display Audio system. Our automotive APs are built with GPU accelerators which are also developed by us. It not only can provide an amazing user experience, but also can be used as an accelerator for ADAS.
We also provide various mobile phone connectivity solution which have become more essential in the automotive market. The NXC100 can provide differentiated voice recognition function for vehicles and help customers prepare for future market requirements.


Automotive Line-up


for High Performance Infotainment Platform

NXP3220A soon

for Cost Effective Display Audio Platform



ADAS & AVM (Around View Monitor) SYSTEM