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About Us

Supply richer technology
& product for everyone

Who we are.

Technology Leader for Everyone

CoAsia Nexell is a fabless SoC design service company that has introduced our own branded Application Processor (AP) SoC to automotive infotainment and IoT application markets. We have also successfully developed and delivered multiple custom designed ASIC SoC service to customers with the latest Linux, Android OS BSP and evaluation hardware PCB.

We provide market-proven configurable SoC platforms which have our own Graphic Processor Unit (GPU) and various IPs like the latest CPU, multimedia codec, memory controllers and related software development environments like evaluation boards and device drivers for multiple OS. We strive to provide the best price-performance competitiveness and time-to-market opportunities for our customers and partners.

CoAsia Nexell
CoAsia Nexell is a fabless SoC design service company with a mission to supply richer technology and product to everyone.

Product list

Automotive AP

The optimal solution (AEC-Q100 qualified) for automotive application such as In-Vehicle Infotainment, Display Audio, Navigation, Digital Cluster and ADAS.

Consumer AP

AP lineup covering a wide range of application from IoT to 4K/8K UHD


Mobile TV RF and Baseband one-chip solution for T-DMB, DAB, FM and ISDB-T 1-seg

Management IC

Highly Integrated Power Management IC for a wide range of application

A.I Related

AI related solution for more intelligent devices

What we do.

End-to-end Semiconductor Design Service

· Supply of IPs

  • - CPU (ARM® and RISC-V), Video Codec, ISP(Image Signal Processor), high-speed internal bus matrix
  • - The latest memory controller
  • - a various multimedia subsystem including display controller and video post processor
  • - analog IPs adopted on Samsung Foundry

· From customer’s specification to Silicon

  • - Full chip RTL design service
  • - Front-end / Back-end design service
  • - Fabrication, EDS, Package and Final Test service
  • - Software service including the latest Linux, Android and so on

Development of a leading-edge IPs

  • - Hardening CPU : RISC-V
  • - GPU and GP-GPU: the more efficiency GPU than competitors
  • - Multimedia Subsystem
  • - Crypto Engine

End-to-end Semiconductor Design Service

  • - From cost-effective 32bit Application Processor To high-performance 64bit Octa Core Application Processor
  • - PMIC, Mobile Broadcast SoC and Communication IC
  • - Voice pre-processing SoC for Artificial Intelligent Voice Assistant device